• Professional grade Sidereal Technology controller combined with the
    revolutionary SkySafari running on iPad, iPhones, iPod Touch, or even an
    Android device.
  • Wireless, touch-screen-based 21st-century GoTo system with tracking
    capability. You simply touch the star and your scope will move to the right
  • Skysafari (Pro) features 15.3 million stars, 740,000 galaxies, and 550,000
    solar system objects, including all the comets and asteroids ever discovered.
  • You can even track a satellite or a comet!
Revolutionary Hubble
GoTo System

Limited Special Offer with Refurbished Motors:

Wireless Handpad:  $350
For wonderful wireless convenience, we recommend the wireless handpad. This unit
has many features, unavailable elsewhere!

  • Has a built in astronomers adjustable LED flashlight
  • Glow in the dark keypad.
  • Automatically turns off for saving battery life.
  • Has a keyboard Lock feature, so only the arrow keys work. This is great for
    handing the transmitter to the general public, so they can pan the moon for
    instance. They won't be able to do any harm!
  • Addressable! Many scopes on the same telescope field can use the handpad
    at once. No interference between scopes, and you won't be controlling the
    wrong scope!
  • Instant Action! With the SiTech system, wired or wireless, there is
    imperceivable delay between the pressing of a button and movement of the
    scope! Great for centering objects without any overshoot!
  • Built in auto guider port.

Bluetooth Serial Adapter:  $129
Highly recommended if 12V battery is to be used.

12V Battery Holder:  $30
Highly recommended if 12V battery is to be used.

12V to 24V DC converter: $40
Highly recommended if 12V battery is to be used.

Full Installation Service: $395
Although it is really not necessary, but we will be glad to provide a full installation for
World Wide Shipping and Handling:

  • SiTech has a powerful script feature. You can pan the Lunar terminator using
    relative pan commands, Pan the Veil Nebula with absolute pans, even write
    your name with starlight, etc. Making the scripts is as easy as moving your
    scope (or the virtual scope during the day), and clicking on various options.
  • For advanced imagining users, SiTechExe (running on a PC) offers an
    extremely powerful and unique PointXP telescope modeling software by Dave
    Rowe.  PointXP takes a series of "Calibration Stars" to performs some very
    complex transformations, Gauss-Jordan, Partial Derivatives; and does a fine
    job in correcting for many telescope mounting errors and mount flexture and
    can increase the pointing accuracy by a factor of up to 10!
  • SiTech provides the Auto Guider port on an optional wireless handpad
    receiver. This is an industry standard connector, where you can plug an SBIG
    or other standard auto-guider. The autoguiding works extremely well, because
    of the “Equal Area Guiding,” Backlash compensation, and instantaneous
    corrections. The auto-guider inputs are acted upon within milliseconds. Check
    out the latest astro photography on www.siderealtechnology.com.
  • Built in SiTech ASCOM software support for auto focuser and de-rotator  via a
    second SiTech controller.  You will use the “Azimuth” channel of the second
    SiTech controller for the focus motor, and the “Altitude” channel of the second
    controller for a field de-rotator motor.
  • Interface with any ASCOM Compliant Planetarium programs and telescope
    control routines inside CCD imaging programs.
  • The interface to the following popular Planetarium programs are supported:
  • Earth Centered Universe (ECU)
  • TheSky™
  • Cartes du Ciel
  • MegaStar               
  • ARGO NAVIS and Sky Commander are supported; but are not required.
  • Easy Plug-n-Play self-installation, and No drilling is required! Just tighten a few
    screws, and you are ready to GOTO. It will likely take more than a few minutes,
    but it will NOT be hours or days to install our GOTO system.
  • The GoTo package includes: SiTech Dual Servo Telescope Controller I and
    Wired Handpad; 2 servo motors and gear boxes; all necessary accessories
    (cables, adapter plates, screws, etc.); a 8192 azimuth and altitude encoders.
    The iPad, SkyFi controller and the SkySafari software are NOT
    included.  Please note that if there is no RS232 (serial) port on your
    computer, then you must have a USB to RS232 Adapter Cable, which is
    not provided.

It is the most powerful GOTO system at an extremely affordable price, period.

Here is the Hubble GoTo Installation Guide
and the SiTech UL Quick Start Guide
The professional grade SiTech controller combined with the revolutionary
SkySafari will more than double your enjoyment and fun with the Heavens.

  • Point your scope to the NCP or SCP and turn on the power, the scope will start
    to track precisely. Nothing else, not even a handpad is required; it is as simple
    as this.
  • Superior local search function. A spiral search will either miss sky, or has too
    much overlapping sky. SiTech local search feature is a series of circles, each
    larger than the other. It remains a true circle regardless of your altitude or
    declination. You can pause, reverse, speed up, slow down, during the search,
    and you have two radius choices, all from the handpad.
  • With closed loop encoder feedback drive control, there is no need to worry
    about drive slippage or wind gusts as the scope will always track precisely.
  • Backlash management and compensation is also included.
  • Superior and precision servo motors drive system with state of art drive train.
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before the delivery (~30 days after the
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